Cat Sautter Cat Sat Designs

Cat Sat Designs offers unique, truly, one of a kind jewelry. All jewelry is hand crafted, and individually designed by Cat Sautter. No two pieces are the same or duplicated. Mass production, including the utilization of molds and dies for the purpose of creating many is just not acceptable. All casting is completely freeform. Each piece is truly unique.

Although I officially established Cat Sat Designs in 2002, I have been fabricating jewelry for many years. I took beginning and advance jewelry courses in college, and loved the various facets of metal smithing, enameling, and bead making. However I toiled away the years playing out another career all while creating jewelry a bit here and there. It simply took the right time in my life to get serious with my art; the right time and a nice hard push from my husband that is. Bless that man!

Response to my art has been overwhelmingly positive. The mere appreciation for my work is an inspiration. It is such an uplift meeting people who know and value hand crafted metal work.

I have been asked many times to define “my” style. This has always been a hiccup for me. I like to respond with the generic term “unique.” If and when pushed into a corner I feel the term “organic” may be best. I have a love of nature especially the interaction of curves and dissecting lines. Rigidity is not my thing. Classic Art Deco and Art Nouveau schools of art are my main love and I believe you will see this in my art.

My personality is also reflected in my work and attitude towards it. I love to be that person that doesn’t fit into a mold. I hold strongly the belief that whether it is jewelry, clothing, or simply your attitude, as long as it is fresh, fun, and not harmful, you should always embrace and show your individuality. Carbon cookie cutters are not what make this world rich and full of life.


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